A Day With Prince Mk & DJ Zubis Or 5 Million Naira – Which Would You Choose?

Prince Mk & Dj Zubis are definitely the most famous music stars in the Nupe  music industry.

Millions of fans and friends in the Nupe kingdom,Nigeria and the world at large at every point in their lives dream that one day they have the opportunity to have a moment with this popular Nupe singers. Whether it is for an hour, a minute or a second, they are  careless — all they just want is having the opportunity of meeting with them.

Most of these fans and followers of both Prince Mk and DJ Zubis are people who are faced with serious financial problems, they are waiting for any little legit opportunity to walk out of the financial problems but at the same time they will do everything possible to have a moment with Prince Mk and DJ Zubis.

Thinking over these question, a big idea sprung up that why don’t we ask fans and followers of this popular singers some questions that relates to what we’ve written above. Its a question that would seek your decision and it goes this way  "If you are presented with a chance of spending a day with Prince Mk & DJ Zubis or get some financial help".

we at Nairanet.com.ng, we ask; a day with Prince Mk & DJ Zubis or 5 million naira – which would you choose?

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