Adekunle Gold reportedly loses dad to an undisclosed ailment

One of the sad news you'd read in this website today is that of Nigeria popular singer Adekunle Gold losing his father,Prince Adeyemi Kosoko Akeem to the cold hands of death.

There are this latest news that singer Adekunle Gold's father, Prince Adeyemi Kosoko Akeem is dead.

According to blogger, Makinde Azeez of Naijaloaded, the father of popular Nigerian afro pop singer Prince Hakeem Adeyemi Kosoko who is the  Permanent Secretary of Education in District 4, died during the day after suffering an undisclosed ailment.

It was reported that Prince Kosoko was flown out of the country some months ago after falling ill and only recently returned to Nigeria to recuperate.

One of the teacher's who works under Mr Fayemi's district in Lagos revealed to Makinde that the death of Kosoko's was announced this morning but the cause of his illness has not been

Mr fayemi kosoko was recently promoted to the position of a permanent secretary in Lagos state.

When Prince Kosoko was promoted?

Not long ago, the singer Adekunle gold announced that his father Prince Hakeem Adeyemi Kosoko was promoted to the position of a permanent secretary by the present  Lagos state government.

He announce this on his Instagram page where he wrote little a long post about his late father's journey to the top of his teaching career.

"Back then, Growing up, I knew my dad is a hard working man. Teachers aren't big earners. But my father, with the help of my mother, provided everything we needed - I remember vividly when my father went to Unibenue for
his first degree. I and my sisters were very young then, and communication with our father was much impossible because it was before the era of phones. We only saw him after school exams when he had school breaks.

"He graduated as the best student in his class with a distinction in fine arts, Graphics Major and painting.He was part of the group that wrote the (module of teachers) some years ago. I remember, Every day, after my father's primary assignment as a teacher in ikeje High school, Lagos state he would go to Teachers’ College to teach other teachers before he came back home. He was ready to do whatever it
would take him to make extra money to fend for us and build a house for us to live in. I remember - he is a author. Brilliant Man!

"My father didn’t sit me down one day to teach me values and diligence. Which I knew, he didn’t have to do, because I always saw it in my dad. He has given so much of himself to others and he is a kind of man who values the opportunity to be serving the government and the school he worked at as either VP, principal, or teacher. He has won about 32 awards for his service to the state government. My father, A Man! A man that refuses to cut corners, A man that believes so much in hard work and he is also known for his integrity. He always remind me of this; “Adekunle Your name is beautiful, you must protect it!” Hard as it might be to believe, I can boldly say i have never seen him give bribe or disobey traffic rules.

"While other Teachers,VP's and Principal's allowed people use their schools for special business, my father said - “I have been in service for so many years I won't let quick money ruin my reputation. my dream is to become a Permanent Secretary of Lagos state. Yes it was my father's dream and it was also mine for him. Today, my father's dream has comes true.

Today, I was there, I sat in the audience, and I listened as many people comes out to read out loud his achievements in the service so far. I watched in full of happiness as my dad was sworn in as a Permanent Secretary for Education Lagos state. I cried today, but they were happy tears," Singer Adekunle Gold wrote.